Nurse Sharon Mills and Surgeon Lt. Colonel James Mills at Latimer House, Wilmington, NC 2005

Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital has several purposes for organization:

*     To organize and bring together a group of individuals who enjoy Civil War History, especially the aspects relating to Civil War Medicine, while seeking to portray a historically correct medical impression of that time period; with intentions of learning and teaching others about Civil War medicine through like association.

*     To support the Community of reenacting by presenting a historically correct field hospital of the 1861- 1865 period, whereby public education becomes the focus of teaching the true medical aspects concerning the Civil War.  This is achieved through presenting group programs, lecturing, and conducting historically correct medical displays of museum quality, while complimenting the artillery.

*     To act as a support service for the members of the artillery, offering actual medical needs to Alexander's Battalion Artillery of Longstreet's Corps, on and off the field; within the scope of medical training, ability, within the allowance of current medical certification(s) held by the participant, as authorized under the Good Samaritan Laws for each State.

*     To honor the memory of all Surgeons and Soldiers both North and South, their history, dedication, sacrifice and commitment in helping their fellowman, regardless of the uniform worn.