Alexander’s Battalion Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 20  8pm 2022

The meeting was called to order at 8pm  Location: In the comfort of our own home. The zoom conference was a brief one, 30-35 minutes

Artillery Staff in Attendance: Battalion Commander, Gen. John Douglass, Chief-of-Staff/Safety Officer, Lt. Col. Alex Swain, Battalion Adjutant, Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty,  Chief of Provost, Major Roland Meiers, Battalion Webmaster, Captain Bob Henry, Battalion Sgt Major Kevin Menzel

Staff Absent: Engineer, Lt. Dawn McCall

Batterys in attendance were: Stribling’s Battery, 4th MD, Bedford Light, Cunningham’s, Hart’s Battery, Penick’s Battery, Reilly’s 1st NC Battery, Peninsula Artillery

Batterys Absent: Botetourt Artillery, Washington Artillery

·         Lt. Col. Alex Swain began the meeting with prayers and blessing on all in attendance.


·         Battalion Commander Gen. John Douglass, welcomed everyone and appreciated the effort all made to attend. He reviewed general goals and goals that we can achieve for 2022, and solicited ideas for the coming year.

Gen Douglass reviewed the list of events posted by the Corps for the Corps to attend in 2022

·         Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Alex Swain, stated our battalion treasury balance is $35.00, no outstanding bills, battalion website was renewed for one year. A motion was made to raise dues to $30 for 2022, the motioned passed. He also discussed the possibility of finding a tract of land in/near Warrenton VA, in which to drill/recertify

·         Battalion Adjutant Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty, He emphasized the different forms to be found either on the Corps or battalion website, will endeavor to get a battalion roster out this year, Asked the battery commanders to review the calendar of events when it is sent to them, and if not already done, to send a copy of your updated battery roster.

·         Send to this adjutant their copy of current insurance rider, also a battery roster of names must be submitted to Jill Russell (Corps Treasurer) by March 1st

·         Chief of Provost Major Roland Meiers commented on the events he attended in 2021 all went off with any problems, he’s glad to be back out in the field

·         Battalion Webmaster, Capt. Bob Henry, Spoke to all batterys as to what the website can do for them, if they wish to do so. The website is paid up thru 2022

·         Sgt. Major Kevin Menzel, Battalion Sgt. Major Thanked the staff for the opportunity for his position and will learn well from Lt. Col. Swain the functions of the battalion Sgt. Major

·         Due to our limit of time on ZOOM, the meeting adjourned unexpectedly at 8:35pm due to a miscommunication with the ZOOM folks on the time allotment



Due to the time constraints of our meeting, this is an abbreviated synopsis of minutes/discussions of our meeting.


Respectfully Submitted By

Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty

Battalion Adjutant

Alexander’s Battalion

Longstreet’s Corps