Battalion OPERATION ORDER 2017-4

Reporting for Duty  

Gettysburg   July 1-3 2017


1.      Attention to Orders:  All registered Artillery Units are to report to Gettysburg no earlier than 0800 Thursday June 30th, unless they have prior approval from ANV Command. All artillery units attending the Gettysburg 154th event are to submit the following information to the Adjutant no later than Monday June 26th, if you have not already done so.

    1. An ETA
    2. If not all ready submitted- tentage information


2.      Reporting for Duty:  After checking in at registration with the event coordinators all artillery reenactors are directed to report to Artillery Hq for assignment of camping spaces. Unit commanders should be prepared to notify Artillery Hq of the number of guns and personnel which will be reporting for duty.  No guns will be allowed on the field until the guns and their crews have passed a safety inspection.  Safety inspection will be scheduled by the ANV safety officer during initial reporting to Artillery Hq. 


3.      Billeting: Artillery personnel will camp with their respective batteries.  Assignment of space for camping will be made by ANV Artillery commander/engineer within the space allotted for each battery.  No flys may protrude into the company streets. 


4.      Mess: Will be handled in the usual way, either by your battery or self.


5.      Gun Park: Will be assigned/determined upon arrival


6.      Parking and Towing: Tow vehicle driver will be issued one pass for each gun. 


    1. Towing - All towing to and from the field will be done by designated deployment and recovery periods. Unit commanders are requested to strictly comply with these orders. Deployment and recovery periods for each battalion will be published in the daily Ops Orders.
    2. Parking  - at this time we have been informed tow vehicles and gun trailers will park inside to the left along the fence line paralleling Pumping Station Road


7.       Gun placement on the field:  Operation orders for each day will be issued by Artillery Hq.  These orders will contain maps or verbal orders for the area to be covered by each battery. 


8.      Daily Operations Orders:  Operations Orders for each day will be issued in writing or verbally by Artillery Hq.  The format for these orders will be instructions to battery commanders. 


9.      Current Logistics:  4 Longstreet’s batterys will take the field,  Capt. John Favors will command section 1, Capt Jean Buchen/Lt. Dan O’Brien will rotate command of section 2


10.  Safety: Mandatory  Battery Commanders need to make sure their men are hydrated before taking the field and have a full canteen while on the field. Also general event safety rules are published on the Gettysburg Reenactment web site:




12. Command Staff:


Col. John Douglass   Chief of CS Artillery

Major Roland Meiers   Chief of Provost

Cpl. Bob Lohr   Battalion Flagbearer


13.        Emergency Phone to GAC Hdqtrs: 717 338-1525


14.        There is to be a mandatory fire watch by all cook/campfires and a bucket of water kept nearby.


15.        The GPS coordinates for this event are 965 Pumping Station Rd. Gettysburg, PA 17325


16.        A REMINDER: Those who stay for the Monday battle will get free registration for the 155th Gettysburg


Please acknowledge the receipt of these orders to this Adjutant no later than Monday June 26th, 2017.



Per Orders:


Col. John Douglass, Commanding

Alexander’s Battalion



Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty

Battalion Adjutant

Alexander’s Battalion

Longstreet’s Corps