Alexander's Battalion, Longstreet's Corps

Operations Order 2020-1

Reporting for Duty:
Corps and Battalion Meeting 01/10/20-1/11/20






Officers and representatives of branches and units of Longstreet’s Corps (Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery) are requested to convene to discuss past business and new business pertaining to future Corps deployment and leadership. The venue will be at Pamplin Park 6125 Boydton & Petersburg Plank Rds. Petersburg VA. This information should also be available on the Corps web site at


A separate meeting for Longstreet’s Artillery branch, Alexander’s Battalion, has been scheduled to convene Saturday January 11, 2020 at 8:30am at the Pamplin Park venue, in one of their meeting rooms to discuss battalion business.




All Battalion officers or representatives of participating batteries and support units will assemble at the Holiday Inn Express on or about Friday, January 10, 2020 or on time for the general Corps meeting on Saturday 10:30 AM  January 11, and the Artillery to be available for the Battalion meeting on Saturday, 8:30am January 11, 2020. Meeting recess is expected to be around 4:00pm




1) Each unit is allowed two (2) representatives at the Corps meeting and designated seating is expected to be provided (see the Corps meeting announcement for details). Additional personnel will be given space in a separate area.


2) Please respond to this Adjutant no later than Friday January 3rd, 2020 with your intent to attend and your approximate arrival time.




Most meals will be individually foraged, however, battalion adjutant, Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty is taking reservations to dine at Joe’s Steak & Seafood Restaurant within a mile of the Holiday Inn Express, on Friday evening, Jan 10th.

If you wish to go, please be in the lobby area of the Holiday Inn Express by 5:30pm.  Please RSVP to this adjutant if you plan to attend dinner at Joe’s.  Other dinning suggestions are welcome at this time.




Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty

Battalion Adjutant

Alexander’s Battalion

Longstreet’s Corps