Alexander’s Battalion Meeting Minutes

                                                                            January 11, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 9:00am   Location: Pamplin Park Petersburg, VA

Artillery Staff in Attendance was: Battalion Commander, Gen. John Douglass, Chief-of-Staff, Lt. Col. George Miller, Battalion Adjutant, Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty, Battalion Chaplin, Major Steve Peddycord, Battalion Provost, Major Roland Meiers, Battalion Webmaster, Bob Henry, Battalion Engineer, Lt. Dawn McCall and Safety Officer/Battalion Sgt Major Alex Swain

Special Guests: Ms. Melonie Peddycord, Sharon & Chris Peters, LuAnn Henry, Myron and Miss Giggles

Staff Absent: All Present-WOW

Batterys in attendance were: Stribling’s Battery, 4th MD, Bedford Light, Cunningham’s, Hart’s Battery, Botetourt Artillery, Penick’s Battery, Reilly’s 1st NC Battery and Peninsula Artillery

Batterys Absent: 1st Co. Washington Artillery

·         Major Steve Peddycord began the meeting with prayers and blessing on all in attendance.


·         Battalion Commander Gen. John Douglass, made his opening remarks, introduced our newest batterys, welcomed everyone and appreciated the effort all made to attend. He recapped our mini meeting at the hotel. Spoke on how the new units will be voted on at the general Corps meeting. Discussed the battalion possibly paying for the Corps lunch in 2021. He discussed how our hobby is becoming fragile with declining numbers a lot having to do with societal changes in attitudes and what history is taught to the younger folks. Gen. Douglass discussed the incident at Cedar Creek in 2017 and spoke on plans to have battery commanders be responsible to know where their people are, have a meeting place, get necessary items to take with you in case of a threat, a “BUG OUT BAG” and give rides to those who can not traverse the fields easily, plus, posting guards on the guns in shifts. Our only EMT in our camp, as of now, is Sgt. Major Swain

·         Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. George Miller, stated our battalion treasury balance is $306.73, no outstanding bills, a motion was made to maintain dues $20 for 2020. The motion passed. He also spoke on his departure from reenacting after 30 plus years, due to health issues. He will miss it and we will miss him. Col. Miller and I have been in the field and has been my friend for 25yrs and taught me a lot in that time.

·         Battalion Adjutant Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty, Recapped Friday evenings mini meeting at our hotel. Took a hands vote as to what batterys were attending Corps and Corps sanctioned events, reviewed and emphasized the different forms to be found either on the Corps or battalion website, reminded the batterys to use the insurance form for any guests in the field, must put the guests name on it and turn it in Corps COS or ADJ, and to please send to this adjutant their yearly schedules and a copy of current insurance rider, also a battery roster of names must be submitted to Jill Russell (Corps Treasurer) by March 1st . I also  update the battalion master roster, elaborated on the Chuck Hillsman/Longstreet’s Scholarship fund which a form can be found on the Corps or battalion websites., there has been only one applicant in past years, so someone in your family could possibly benefit from this. It is $750 dollars. It can be used for immediate family of Corps members. Nominees must be submitted by April 30th or post marked by May 1st. no exceptions. Send to Art Wingo at

·         Also as our year begins any nominees for “Artillerist of the year” are to be submitted to Sgt. Major Swain by Sept 1st at  Criteria for this award was reviewed in battalion meeting. “Artillerist of the Award” will be presented at this year’s Cedar Creek.

·         Battalion Provost, Major Roland Meiers, Thanked and appreciated all those who have volunteered in the past for guard duty as various times and for the shifts on the guns. He unfortunately was only able to make one event in 2019 due to personnel issues at home.

·         Chaplain Steve Peddycord, Spoke on his tenure with the battalion as he is the only original one left and spoke briefly on the commanders he has served. He had not been as active as he said “Life Happens” Anyone who wishes to have a prayer request for what ever reason, please contact him at   He was also glad to see the battalion has new members.

·         Battalion Webmaster, Capt. Bob Henry, Spoke to the new batterys as to what the website can do for them, if they wish to do so. The website is paid up thru 2021

·         Battalion Engineer, Lt. Dawn McCall, Discussed the importance of getting their numbers into the adjutant early and he to her so there will be ample room and an organized camp for all to enjoy the weekend. She is on site as soon as Gen. Douglass is to begin to set camp.

·         Sgt. Major Alex Swain, Battalion Sgt. Major and Safety Officer, we had a safe year in 2019, but now without our medical staff, we need to watch out for one another in the field. A discussion was held on that NCWAA is the most widely used, but NPS is also accepted, if a battery is willing to learn it, also use of the Patton Drill, but SAFETY, remains the main concern above all else. There must be a communication between battalion and artillery commanders, preferably by a signal gun to begin scenarios and/or by radio,  runner/rider to let the infantry when it is safe to retreat through the guns, also spoke on incorporating the infantry and Cav into our scenarios.  Wishes infantry will learn our safety zone and not stop in front of the guns so we can continue to fire. Mentioned the “School of the Piece” at Jacksons Mill in March/April time frame.

·         The Sgt. Major also polled our new batterys as to what they would like to see from our battalion.  John Manspile of Botetourt expects to see comradeship among reenactors. Halsey Green of Penick’s would like to see good leadership, positive changes, , making use of moving smaller guns around the field. Harry Titus of Reilly’s would like to see what he calls a higher and moral authenticity in camp, expects to learn from Longstreet’s Corps. Mark Janser of Peninsula would like to see more communication before taking and after they are on the field, comradeship in camp and to rely on and be relied on.

·         In closing, The biggest pet peeve from John Manspile are those folks who show up minutes before they go onto the field as they may still have been at the hotel, at the sutlers, just don’t care and have little control over guns from other commands that are in the battery, then those folks have the nerve say “You didn’t tell us” or We didn’t know”

·         A motion was made to close discussions and the meeting adjourned at approx.10:15am and proceeded to the general Corps meeting in a nearby room

·         Chaplain Peddycord gave a parting prayer to end the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted By

Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty

Battalion Adjutant

Alexander’s Battalion

Longstreet’s Corps